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I'm a new user of linux and intalled ubuntu 13.04 and i don't know how to install tar.gz file there. I want to install adobe flash player to play videos on firefox browser. Please give me solution

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You don't need to install the tar.gz file.

Following the instructions from How do I install Adobe Flash player? (in a nutshell search and install flash from the Software Centre).

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The easiest way is to install it from the software center. Though I think right now my chrome tells me I need a newer version to watch hulu but firefox doesn't...

to install from the tar.gz you need to untar it first, and follow whatever directions might be in a README or INSTALL file inside tar xzvf adobe_flash.tar.gz or whatever the file is called, then cd adobe_flash and follow the instructions. It's usually pretty annoying since you might need to put certain files in special places for each of your browsers... Like I said software center is the easiest.

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