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I have a Celeron 2.4 socket 478 32bit, 512mb ram, on-board graphics, 40 and 80 gb HHD desktop computer. I want to install Ubuntu 13.04 32bit OS on it, will be the only OS on the computer. When i boot the computer with the disc, boots to where i can choose what to do, i chosen install Ubuntu, then it start to load and disc is running and saying Ubuntu in the middle of the screen for couple of seconds then the screen flicker between light purple, dark purple and black, there is a curser on the screen i can move around but that’s all what’s happening, can’t get the installation to run, does the same thing when i try to run live option from the disc, tried older screen as well. What can i do to get this installed, on my other PC i run the 64bit one with win 7 dual boot and it works fine, just there sometimes there is line flickering in the OS over the screen. Thank You

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