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I have five computers in my house and I wanted to set Gnome-clocks with/from the master, having set the clock with 9 different cities I cannot seem to find the file/folder to copy and install into the other 4 computers

Hoping someone can help, would be very much appreciated


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The locations added to the clock are not stored in a simple file or folder that you can copy to other computers. The settings are stored in a binary database file similar to the registry on Windows. You instead will need to use the dconf dump and dconf load commands, to export and import the settings on the other computers, respectively.

On the computer with the existing settings, run:

dconf dump /org/gnome/clocks/ > gnome-clocks.dconf

Then copy the gnome-clocks.dconf file to the other computers, and run this command on them:

cat gnome-clocks.dconf | dconf load /org/gnome/clocks/

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