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I've recently installed scid from ubuntu repositorys. I've met with 2 problems.
1) After install ; there isn't any shortcut made to run program; so I have to either run it from console or make my own shortcut.My experience so far was that shortcut is made during install.
2) I can't change width of gui after starting it; only length.

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1. Menu options aren't "shortcuts", they are based on special *.desktop files (that also specify the document types it can open and other information about an application). It seems like no *.desktop file is provided for scid (or it doesn't include the necessary info for a menu item) and as a result the menu system doesn't know about it.

If you want a menu item to be shown automaticly after the install, the best you can do is file a bug about it, and if you like to help you can also provide a working *.desktop file, or even better a debdiff, as an attachment to the bug report. Also, asking the upstream author to provide a *.desktop file would help for the future.

(If you want to know how to create a *.desktop file and/or a debdiff, maybe ask separate questions about that; that way they will be easier to find in the future.)

2. That sounds like a limitation that the program author is responsible for. You can try to contact the author and ask if he/she wants to change it (or why not).

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+1 for information regarding how to: Contribute to a fix and for having to file a bug about missing menu item and for mentioning possibly making a new question for *.desktop files. I would also probably mention that you can create Menu Items using alacarte or System -> Preferences -> Main Menu as a short term fix. – Marco Ceppi Sep 3 '10 at 23:56

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