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I'm new to Ubuntu and have installed 12.04.1 (again).. Already I have worked through getting new display modes into the Xorg.conf so I have several valid resolutions to choose from (initially the Nouveau driver only gave me two unacceptable options)

when the GUI first starts up, the screen "image" is offset in the screen, approximately 20 pixels down and 10 pixels left. The top 20 pixels are a blank color (sometimes appearing as if the top row of pixels is stretched up to the top of the screen), the right 10 pixels are at least a partially wrapped part of the missing left edge of the image. However, the Mouse Cursor is not experiencing this offset.. As a result, the cursor is offset from the images of any controls one might click by the same 20,10 pixels. (I have to point with the bottom left edge of the cursor.

If I purposely change screen resolutions, the problem goes away and the screen appears correct and the cursor offset is gone... Even if I return to the original resolution. The screen will remain ok until the idle timeout passes and the screen blanks out, or I also noted some applications (Such as Movie Player) that might cause the screen to momentarily blank out can trigger a return to the issue.

PC Compaq Presario SR1050NX Nvidia GForce 4 MX Integrated Processor (Some threads have suggested putting in the nvidia drivers,,, but I'm not going down that path to oblivion a 4th time- living with the offset is less trouble.) Monitor Acer X223W

Interesting I get the same affect running the Live CD for Ubuntu or Lubuntu.

Is this something that might be fixed using the viewport offsets in the xorg.conf? At some level internally, the PC itself is not aware of this offset.. I'm afraid that using an offset will result in an offset in the other direction when I choose a different resolution. OR that it may correct the image location, but not the cursor offset.

I may test some xrandr commands to see if a short script that flashes between resolutions can correct the issue.. If so maybe I can attach that script to other processes or circumstances where I know it needs to occur. I don't really want to disable the idle timeout/powersaving feature.

Any Suggestions? Thanks.

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