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I'm experiencing an issue where, after booting a MacBookAir4-2 (Ubuntu 13.04), the touchpad won't work. Furthermore, the better part of the keyboard doesn't work either. External USB keyboards and mouses work, and I have to use them to disable and re-enable the trackpad in the settings to get the on-laptop one to work, which also enables the keyboard for some reason.

I do not experience any issues during the reFIND menu or in OS X. Is there a way to fix this or a script that I can run at startup that can enable and disable the touchpad?

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I would like to add that the keyboard works flawlessly for the first ~10 seconds, and then it stops registering key strokes reliably. I have created a small script that I can run by typing 'sh k' in terminal. This solves the issue in a hackish way, and I would still like to get to the bottom of this. –  Sasha Oct 18 '13 at 15:23

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