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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61, which uses a Trackpoint. Every time I reinstall Ubuntu, the default sensitivity settings are much too low (it feels like I really have to push to move the cursor).

I've been changing this manually for quite a few releases now, creating startup scripts to automatically change obscure configuration files as denoted at About a year ago, I found gpointing-device-settings, which looked like the answer to my prayers (and in some ways it is). Unfortunately, despite the description and pictures on the page, I cannot use this GUI to control the Trackpoint sensitivity (it's not an option).

I've also heard of configure-trackpoint, but last I tried (a year ago) it didn't save your sensitivity settings (you need to make a startup script). I really dislike opening a Terminal and/or creating scripts to set my Trackpoint mouse sensitivity. Is there any way around all this using a GUI? It feels like there should be.

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Use the settings in Applications ▸ Mouse Preferences ▸ Pointer Speed.

I've had no issues with using this to adjust the sensitivity of the TrackPoint on my ThinkPad X60.

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