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I have found out that rsnapshot is great tool for backing up my stuffs for local file system. Now I need to do rsnapshot_push.conf file where I give params to rsync server. What is the right way to do this? Can I use rsync to /rsnapshot-backups/localhost/ syncing it to rsync server.

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Rsnapshot is pull-based by design. It is possible do a kind of push as noted in the faq, but its a workaround, not a matter of writing a correct config file. The power of Rsnapshot lies in using hard links, and that only works for local file systems. (nfs could be used as it supports hard links, but not for instance sshfs).

The best solution is to either run Rsnapshot in it's regular fashion by running it on the host storing the snapshots, or using an alternative solution such as rdiff-backup.

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