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I have installed Ubuntu on my old eMachine T6528. I have been a windows developer and am beginning to switch to java--thus linux and ubuntu.

I started with 12.04 as it fits on a CD. The eMachine doesn't have a dvd drive. It works fine with 12.04, but after upgrading to 13.04 the only thing that happens is the logon screen asking for a password. The keyboard and mouse do not work.

I have tried booting in safe mode by depressing the left shift key, but this doesn't work. Likely related to the fact that the keyboard doesn't work.

I tried reinstalling 12.04 several weeks ago and let it settle in for a while. But the upgrade again disables my keyboard and mouse.

I can still boot from the CD, but I am not sure how that might help, or what I might do.

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You are saying that the keyboard don't work while you are in the GRUB either? Does it work with a LiveUSB and Ubuntu 13.04? –  Braiam Sep 29 '13 at 22:07

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