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I'm following the porting guide for my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

I'm at the part where I need to get the proprietary files from cyanogenmod.

The wiki guide states:

Tip: you can alternatively extract these binaries from the image (which is essentially a .zip file containing, amongst others, these binary files), but flashing it first helps as you can see if CM is working properly in the device.

I already know CM works on the device, so I'd like to skip that step. But which files do I copy? That's not made clear.

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To extract the binary blobs, you have to first connect your device to your computer. Make sure adb detects your device.

Then, navigate to device/samsung/n7000 in your build environment and run the "" script. The script will then automatically find all the binary blobs on your device and copy them to vendor/samsung/n7000/proprietary using adb pull.

See the full script for more information.

Alternatively, if CM is currently not installed on the device, download the cyanogenmod .zip for your device from here and extract it. Assuming you have extracted the zip to ~/Downloads/ ,you now have to edit in device/samsung/n7000 and change the line



cp ~/Downloads/cm-10.2-<DATE>-NIGHTLY-n7000/$FILE $DEVICEBASE/$FILE

putting the right folder name of the extracted zip of course. Save the script and run it.

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Thanks. I also had to disable the adb daemon and adb-wait-for-device stuff. I also had to modify the device/samsung/galaxys2-common/ file, because it was also called. There it did fail on the file "/sbin/cbd", though ... – skerit Sep 30 '13 at 20:14

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