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I've tried to install this Apple Emoji TTF font but even the Font Viewer doesn't render them correctly.

Does anyone have an idea about whether this kind of font is supported in 10.10/Gnome 2.32 ?

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I'm guessing it uses some exotic Apple extension. I can't find anything that will open it. You probably have to be using an Apple machine. That sounds typical of Apple.

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Why am I not surprised ! – Delete Apr 15 '11 at 8:35

As an alternative, installing the Symbola font made it so that characters in the emoji Unicode space displayed properly for me in Firefox/Chromium. You have two options:

  • Either you manually download the font from a web site like this one and manually install it or
  • You install the Ancient-Fonts-package via apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts
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this file isn't shown on OS X either. While I read somewhere that the Emoji files theirselves are hidden on OS X, this font is only readable by Font Book 3 (which is only available on OS X 10.7, Lion). Font Book 3 = Emoji support :)

OS X 10.6 = Font Book 2 (for now)

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