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My desktop hard drive crashed, but I had just saved a disk image using Redo that I had installed on a flash drive. (Lucky me I thought!) I had a dual boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04. I bought a new hard drive and proceeded to restore using Redo. Everything seemed to go well, but the computer won't boot from the hard drive. I tried Hiren's boot CD and the Ultimate Boot CD, but I'm outta my league and not sure what I'm doing. I managed to partition the new drive into one and format it. Then I booted to Ubuntu installation on my flash drive and installed just ubuntu on the hard drive. (I figured I would be happy with that!) Again, everything seemed to go well and the installation completed normally. But again, it won't boot from the hard drive. It just goes into a loop, showing the Intel splash screen and then saying 'no signal' and back again to the splash screen, looping over and over. What did I mess up? Thanks Rick

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Did you installed with a external monitor? – Braiam Sep 30 '13 at 1:53

I used this video to install my ubuntu and it helped me through everything. Try this video I hope it works!!!

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