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I'm using K-Torrent and I want to point my downloads to a Samba share that I have set up on a separate server. I can connect to the share from Ubuntu and watch movies etc. but If I copy the location and try to use it in K torrent, I'm prompted for the password but it doesn't take it.

A picture says a thousand words so here's what I'm dealing with

On the left, you can see I'm connected to the share and I've added a shortcut. On the right, I've copied the location in to KTorrent and it's prompting me for a Password. If I enter it, the box will just blink and prompt me again. Also, If I click on 'Samba Shares' in KTorrent, it can't find any and that it could be a possible firewall issue but, obviously, I've already connected to it...

Any suggestions?

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