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I just purchased a new Dell PowerEdge 2950 Specs: 16GB Ram 6x 146 GB HDD 2x 3.0Ghz QuadCore Xeons

Hardware Raid Setup:

Disk Group 1: Raid 1 Drive #1 Drive #2

Disk Group 2: Raid 5 Drive #3 Drive #4 Drive #5 Hot Swappable = Drive #6

So far, so good, now for the tricky part. I understand basic ubuntu administration, and I have even been able to successfully setup a few SIMPLE ubuntu web servers. Now I'm trying to configure this machine and I'm not sure where to start...

I would like to use the server for the following purposes.. Host Web Applications for Employees (Should be accessible via internet) Host Images of the products we sell (To be displayed on multiple sites) Host MySQL database (product information, employee info, etc.)

I would like help configuring my partitions and (if necessary) software raid settings. Ideally, system files will reside on Disk Group 1 (Raid 1) and the web apps / db will reside on Disk Group 2 (Raid 5)

Any suggestions as to how this should be partitioned? I know this is a load questions so any help is highly appreciated!

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