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I opened a JPEG file once with the HEX editor bless. Now Nautilus and GNOME in general have associated all JPEG files with bless. How do I get it to go back to eog (Image Viewer)?

I've tried enabling the Remember this application for [...] files checkbox in the Open With Other Application... menu but with no luck.

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This is a known bug in your Ubuntu version. The bug report contains following workaround:

  • right click the file in question
  • select PROPERTIES all the way down in the popup menu
  • go to "open with" tab
  • select an application that should be used by default
  • profit every time you double click

(This has to be done only once per file type.)

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Fixed! Thanks... – Thomas O Apr 14 '11 at 21:35

While using Ubuntu Tweak, there is possibility to view all extensions associations.

Just click on the tab File types manager, and you'll see the associations and can change them.

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