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i am using D-link modem with BSNL sim card and it took some changes to get it recognized as a modem and ultimately the sakis script got it to work pretty well. i still am using network manager to connect and disconnect. it will run sometimes twenty minutes, more often about an hour, and once or twice it kept running til i had to sign off. i can usually get it connected again, but it will not run very long after it has disconnected itself. what command line can i run to tell me what the problem is? or does anyone recognize what i need to do to fix it? i am not entirely literate in linux so please keep it simple.

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If the modem disappears from the Network Manager applet, once automatically disconnected:

It usually happens due to poor signal strength or wrecked USB ports. Try plugging the 3g dongle to a USB port you've rarely used. Run sudo pkill modem-manager if you want to re-detect the dongle.

If the problem still exists:

Try installing proprietary (manufacturer's) drivers which should come with your device.

By the way, mention the model of your dongle using lsusb command.

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