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I'm doing a program with Quickly, but I'm something new .. In same way, I learned well enough to program an application. But I need the structure in glade, I mean ... are only two main windows ... the first charge information, the second run some functions ... But I have trouble adding a second window because Quickly only allows, add dialogs widget type ... I searched for information but It's hard to find it and urges me a little. I could use tkinter but chooses Quickly to develop....

Well I see two ways: 1. Create two windows in glade, but I do not know how to use both example super (BattleshipWindow, self). finish_initializing (builder) self.BattleshipWindow2 = self.builder.get_object ("BattleshipWindow2") # does not work

  1. Make a new one, but it is difficult to integrate It can be used quickly add dialog BattleshipWindow2 because it is a widget and not let modify

Please tell me I'm doing right or wrong .. and if you can give me a hand thanks

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