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Having trouble installing ubuntu. I downloaded the 12.04.3 desktop i386 iso image, used the universal installer to put it on a USB drive (the netbook does not have a CD drive). netbook- acer aspire one with amd arm c-60 processor 1mhz with 4GB ram.

I changed the boot order to USB and I get:

SYSLINUX 4.06 EDD 2012-10-23 Copyright 1994-2012 H.Peter Anvin et al

_ and cursor flashing but you cant write anything, no buttons work you have to do a hard shutdown to leave.

I tried the same procedure with the amd64 iso and get same results.

why did it not boot?

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Ok, either you install using Wubi (not recommended) or using the bootable USB and install Ubuntu in its own partition. Check How do I install Ubuntu – Braiam Sep 27 '13 at 1:18

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You have two good choices:

  1. Create a Bootable USB stick with Ubuntu [1,2]
  2. Get a Bootable External DVD drive with USB Connector and use the Live DVD.
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