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I've developed an (awesome) mozilla-based custom web-browser running on Ubuntu 10.10 that needs to always be open (it is basically a "kiosk").

If it crashes, which is easy to do in a single-threaded web-browser like mine, I need it to start right back up (actually, a 10 or so second delay before restarting would be okay).

Application Monitor for Windows would be perfect if it wasn't for Windows. I haven't been able to find something, preferably with a GUI, that does this.

I usually develop for Windows based systems so Ubuntu is a bit foreign to me.

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You could wrap a bash script around it:

while true
   <execute your browser>
   sleep <specify seconds here>

Paste it in a file, make it executable (chmod +x or tick the execute box in the file properties in nautilus), double-click it and you should be good to go.

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