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I was perusing an article on environment variables on wikipedia:


One of the environment variables is PATH and you can access this environment variable on the command line with echo $PATH. Then it mentions another environment variable for application settings:

"HOME/{.AppName} (Unix-like) and APPDATA{DeveloperName\AppName} (Microsoft Windows) - for storing application settings."

ok so in my home directory (/home/guarddog) for the guarddog user I'm logged in as, I have a app name directory (.MyGateway), and in it I have application settings files:

~/.MyGateway $ ls
config.json  database.json

How would I access the contents of these settings using environment variables like how I did it with $PATH?

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Have you tried this? EXPORT MYAPP="/home/guarddog/.MyGateway" echo $MYAPP should return the path –  Arnold Sep 26 '13 at 16:50

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