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I love the ctrl-alt-left (and all related) keystrokes for switching workspaces in Ubuntu. I recently made the mistake of disabling OpenGL in the ccsm (dumb, I know). I've since re-enabled OpenGL, but the one feature that seems to not have returned is the ability to switch workspaces with the ctrl-alt-left keystrokes.

A few notes:

(1) I CAN switch workspaces with super-s and then left-right-up-down. However, I find this slow, and I also can't move items between workspaces this way.

(2) I HAVE enabled workspaces (i.e. "Enable workspaces" is checked in the Appearances window), since this is 13.04.

(3) In the Keyboard settings, the key bindings do appear to be set properly (e.g. "Switch to workspace left" is set to Ctrl+Alt+Left)

Any ideas? Thanks!

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