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I have a Dell Inspiron 14R laptop that came with Ubuntu 11.1 pre-installed. I upgraded it to Ubuntu 12.04 -thorugh the Update Manager- and everything seems to work fine including my touchpad and it advanced features (scrolling, tapping).

For things of life I have to format my Hard Drive, and I did a fresh install using the installer available at Ubuntu Site. Everything seems to work fine except that now my touchpad works only as a regular one (not advanced features, and I can't disable either), and if I run xinput list I don't see the Touchpad at all.

That makes me think that the out-of the-box install has some pre-installed packages that gets everything working smoothly, and now that I formatted my drive I lost them. Are there any required packages to install on a Dell Inspiron Laptop?

UPDATE: Anybody knows if that is related to the PPA for The Dell Team?

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