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I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 onto my Dell inspiron 1545. I've tried almost everything on askubuntu with no luck. My wifi network is not being detected at all and I cannot manually add it. Please help!

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What did you tried and what were the results? Please provide the more detailed information you can give. – Braiam Sep 26 '13 at 0:49
Provide some information about about your wireless or give the output of the this command lspci | grep Network – vikas Sep 26 '13 at 12:28

Probably you need proprietary drivers for Broadcom. Try connecting through a cable and see if it works. I had the same problem with a Dell. I suggest the following: Try to see if the wireless card works when you load ubuntu with livecd. For a strange reason I could connect with the liveCD but not after the installation. My problem was solved when I connected my laptop with a cable and then downloaded the proprietary drivers. Try both the "additional drivers" program and installing the appropriate drivers and by installing the package using synaptic.

Here How to Install Broadcom Wireless Drivers you can find more details about how to install the Broadcom drivers

Note: The program "additional drivers" is called that way in ubuntu 12.04. Here you can find how to add additional drivers in Ubuntu 13.04

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The trouble is with Network Manager I like to use WICD because it is a simple and easy to use network manager. Its a very good alternative to network manager in Ubuntu and it seems to always work when Network Manager doesn't. To install it just open up the terminal. Now download the latest NetworkManager, in case you need to reinstall it if WICD doesn't work

sudo apt-get install -d --reinstall network-manager network-manager-gnome 

Then to install it

sudo apt-get install wicd-gtk 

And now you need to uninstall NetworkManager:

sudo apt-get remove --purge network-manager-gnome network-manager 

Now you can find WICD in your menu Start WICD, find the network you want to use and enter the information needed, password, encryption, etcetera and choose Automatically Connect to this network. You should be good to go!

WICD may also be available in Ubuntu Update Manager so you can look there first but it is important to uninstall Network Manager completely to prevent conflicts!!

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