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I have got a weird problem and I ended up getting 3 partitions after installing ubuntu on windows 8.

In sequence: 1. windows 8 - main partition 2. Grub - 1 MB 3. ubuntu - 38 GB + Swap (5 GB) 4. 20 GB partition which I had partitioned before installing ubuntu thinking that I will install ubuntu on this partition

(The ubuntu 13.04 got installed on original C:\ drive itself and took out 38.12 GB.)

Here is my prob: I want to move 20 GB partition to C drive and make total size of ubuntu as 20 GB instead of current 38 GB.

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I think you have installed ubuntu via wubi. Please remove that and try installing at system bootup process. To do that Follow steps mentioned here.

And while installing you could choose do something else option to select the partition and swap area.I don't remember the correct options which the installer will show but they will be:

  1. install side by side
  2. remove windows and install
  3. do something else.

Note: Please be sure the partition you select is the partition you want ubuntu to install. Selecting incorrect partition may wipe out the windows also.

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I havent't installed using wubi. Wubi isnt supported on windows 8. I installed side by side only but it took space from windows 8 partition – Sagar Sep 27 '13 at 17:53
then you can remove the reference for the already installed Ubuntu by using msconfig and then delete the Ubuntu Filesystem in your windows partition. then you can follow my steps. – bikram990 Sep 30 '13 at 4:43
Okey.. Will try that out but only thing is it should boot up (i.e. grub shouldnt get messed up or something) – Sagar Sep 30 '13 at 5:39

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