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im trying to install 12.04 on my lenovo T60 via a usb stick. I downloaded the latest iso, loaded it on the usb stick after i formatted it and now im trying to boot from it to start the installer.

After changing the boot priority to boot off usb-hdd i get the message remove disks or other media /n Press any key to restart

Ive checked my startup boot menu and removed everything except for the usb-hdd and I still get this message. I still have Windows installed on the hard drive and was planning on formatting it during the installation- I'm not sure maybe this is getting in the way.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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Figured it out - I needed to create a bootable disk which I did using this guide

dropping the iso into a formatted usb drive simply wasnt enough.

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lol that's what I did the first time I tried to prepare a Linux CD also, just burned the ISO as a file to the CD instead of burning it as an image – Micheal Johnson Jul 11 at 10:58

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