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I installed Ubuntu 11.04 using VMware Player 3.1.4 inside Ubuntu 10.10

When first booting on the ISO image I was asked if I wanted to download the VMware Tools for Linux and I accepted. It downloaded for a few minutes, and then it has been "updating" for an hour already. Even shutting down the VM does not stop it.

If I try to exit VMware, I am told:

Cannot exit while still downloading. Cancel all downloads and try again." but the dialog's Cancel button is greyed out.


Nothing special in vmware.log I ended up killing VMware Player.

A few days after I restarted it, it asked about the VMware Tools again, I accepted again, and same problem.

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Had the same problem. It seems to hang while trying to ask you for your password to authorize the update. For some reason it needs root to have a password. I simply 'passwd root' and 'kill -9'ed the process running 'vmware-gksu' then tried again. And voila: after the download a window popped up and asked me for my password.

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Try to run it from console and observe the output. There is probably some interactive part.

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