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I am trying to run a C# windows form application on my server which has Ubuntu Server 12.04. I have installed mono on the server already but am not sure how to move forward. Should I just build/publish my code in windows, put it on a USB and transfer it to the Ubuntu machine? or is there another procedure.

My C# forms application was developed using Visual Studio 2012 and I have installed Mono JIT compiler version Please advice me if I need to update my version of Mono to be compatible with the C# forms application.

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I assume that by forms you mean winforms. The winforms support is not part of the main mono install so you will have to install it, to do this you need run the following command:

sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil

Copy the built binaries to the ubuntu machine.

Run your program using:

mono YourProgram.exe

Be aware that your success here depends on how cross platform your code is:

  • Do you assume a new line character anywhere? (use Enviroment.NewLine)
  • Do you assume path seperator anywhere? (use Path.Combine)
  • WinForms on mono may not have perfect support for all winform features
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