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LAN on my Ubuntu 12.10 has stopped working suddenly. I tried the following command

gksu gedit /etc/network/interfaces

added the below lines

auto eth0

iface eth0 inet dhcp

and then restarted the network manager but this did not help. Also 'sudo rfkill list all' gives

soft-blocked: no

hard-blocked: no

And sudo rfkill list wlan does not give anything.

I cannot figure out the problem. Please help!

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Have you found a solution/workaround? –  kikjezrous May 25 at 0:15
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wired conection is really strong on ubuntu check your hardware twice then on console

check if your eth0 still alive


and test if not

sudo ifconfig eth0 up

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ifconfig gives eth0 alive, the problem is still there. –  user1504383 Sep 25 '13 at 18:47
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