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I've installed WoW a few weeks back on my Ubuntu 13.04 using PlayOnLinux.

After an initial period where everything was fine, I started experiencing some errors. I had pretty much two ways of starting up WoW: one was through the POL shortcut, and the other one was to simply navigate to the POL folder containing my WoW installation and clicking on the exe file.

However, starting WoW from POL had a peculiar problem: my settings never got saved. Every time I closed the game, I would be presented with the EULA again, had to reenter my account details again and all of my graphical settings were back to default. It was as if my WTF folder was being cancelled every time I logged out.

So I "fixed" this problem by skipping POL entirely, I copied the WTF from another WoW folder on my HD and sticking it into the POL WoW folder. So everything was fine, as long as I didn't start WoW from POL or I would have had to do it all over again.

However, the one problem that bugs me the most now is that I'm having connectivity issues. Sometimes I can't get to the character selection screen. When I do and I try to log into one my characters (regardless of which one it is, or on whichever server they're on) the loading bar gets stuck at 90% and I either get a "Character Not Found" error message or "No Instance Servers are Available" if the character is in an instance.

This is pretty much a lottery: sometimes I manage to log and play, some others I don't. It also happens while I'm in the game and I try to zone into an instance: the load bar gets stuck, I'm forced to quit the game, and when I try to log back on I'm presented with the above problems.

It's also worth mentioning that if I try running WoW from my "clean" WoW Folder that I copied from a Windows Installation (that used to work by simply double clicking the exe when I was on Ubuntu 12.04), I get a "Bad Format" error.

Any tips on what I could do to fix any of those problems? I wouldn't really mind punching in all the graphical settings and account details again, as long as I have the certainty that I can actually log in! Thanks.

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