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I bought Dark souls on sale from steam and I looked on Wine's website to confirm it is playable. I'm only confused with what I need to install to make the game work. I just would like to know if anyone had any luck with playing the game on Linux and what you had to do to get it working. I appreciate any help that I can get.

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You need to install wine for it

Just type the following commands in terminal to install wine

apt-get install wine

then right click the setup.exe file or the installation file you will see the option

Open With Wine Windows Program Loader and youre done then just follow the insructions.

That's it.

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Is this for a retail disk? I'm using the steam online version and when clicking play button, a windows pops up and says "directx redist package installing" then it crashes. – Michael Scott Sep 25 '13 at 8:45
Ya thats because you are trying to run a windows application in Linux and to run any windows application in linux you need to install wine. – Tarun Sep 25 '13 at 9:09

Take a look at the Wine AppDB entries of Steam and Darks Souls. This should be first place to look for making things run with Wine.

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Try this: playonlinux, package used wine and must have better support for some games.

Or buy steam for linux.

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