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I have an old laptop with the Pentium-M running the Unbuntu 11.10. The problem is that the laptop cannot be connected to the internet to execute the:

     sudo apt-get install build-essential 

Is there any possibility the get this pack offline?

Terminal response to the sudo apt-get install buil-essential line:

 user@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
 Reading package lists... Done
 Building dependency tree       
 Reading state information... Done
 E: Unable to locate package build-essential

I need the compilers to work for the QT-creator 5.1, but the system doesn't find any compiler even though by running the

 dpgk --list | grep compiler

I have the following response :

 ii  gcc             4:4.6.1-2unbuntu5
 GNU c Compiler
 ii gcc-4.6          4.6.1-9unbuntu3
 GNU c Compiler
 ii libprotoc7       2.4.0a-2unbuntu2
 protocol buffers compiler libary
 ii protobuf-compiler 2.4.0a-2unbuntu2   
 compiler for protocol buffer definition files
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