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I'm looking to remotely use and fix my girlfriends computer 300 miles away and after that manage and watch it. She has over 10,000 updates and does not know how to use her computer. Can some one please point me in the right direction with directions on how to control a system 300 miles away. Then after that remotely able to update it with out taking hold of her hole system and see when her computer is kaput. I never relay used the command line besides (Sudo-apt get...) to install software. I have never used a VNC/ or system management software before either. But I'm willing to learn and am comfortable learning.

I have only had Linux for a short while, and my girlfriend only had Linux for about a year, but she is not an avid computer user and not willing to learn how to manage her system and updates. She has tried and gave up.

My system: Ubuntu 13.04 Her system: 12.04

Thank you- Tony

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Is your computer ubuntu? Is the remote computer ubuntu? If not, what are they? Are you comfortable with command line? Do you need everything to be gui? Are you aware that most vnc apps are free? Have you used vnc before? Please add this information to your question (use the edit button). – djeikyb Sep 25 '13 at 6:37
Do you need any other information? I if you do let me know. – Hugtrw Sep 25 '13 at 23:52

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