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The reason I believe that this is my display is that the proprietary drivers used to work about a year ago with the same hardware. I have a Korean "knock off" IPS monitor that probably doesn't have a massive userbase.

The pre-installed drivers work just fine, but they don't function correctly for gaming, so it's not usable for me.

Rebooting the computer after enabling a proprietary driver will result in a black screen. CTRL+ALT+F1 brings up a command prompt as it should, and "xorg" will result in the same issue happening again. Thus, X is broken. Removing the drivers and going back to the default does fix the issue. That isn't what I need though, so is there any way to potentially debug why this is happening and fix it with the nvidia drivers?

I should add that this happens on every Linux OS I've tried it on as well. I started with Ubuntu and reproduced it on Xubuntu, Mint, Debian, and Elemtentary OS.

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