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I upgraded to natty and the old background images are gone. How do I get them back?

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The wallpapers, or backgrounds, for maverick are listed here:

You can download the jpg's one at a time. If you want to download them all at once you can go to this page and download the ubuntu-wallpapers-*-tar.gz file

Unzip the file (gzip -d ubuntu-wall*gz), and untar it (tar xf ubuntu-wall*gz). The images will all be in a directory.

Get the image you want by either method.

Then right-click on your desktop, choose "Change Desktop Background", then click "Add" and choose the image you want as your background. It should now be your new background.

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thanks, that works. But, it still seems like an odd thing for a user to update and have stuff disappear that you liked. – jshen Apr 14 '11 at 22:51

You can get old (and current) stock wallpapers here. Download the deb matching the release you want, but save them, don't open them in software center. After downloading them, right-click the file and pick Open with Archive Manager. Browse the package and extract the wallpapers you want.

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