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I am attempting to install Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS (I also tried 13.04) on a headless FreeBSD 9.1 server through the VirtualBox CLI. I have the FreeBSD port of VirtualBox installed and the Ubuntu server setup goes well up to about 70% of the installation when it attempts to install the kernel package "linux-generic-lts-raring" where it fails. It specifically fails when it is looking for kernel header files. It seems some Ubuntu users have encountered this before, particularly when upgrading and the solution is to install the latest kernel header files (e.g. apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.32-34).

My question is then how am I supposed to get this header package when I am not on a linux host?

I have setup up the Ubuntu vm to user hostonly networking so it does not access to the internet while I am installing. Would giving it internet access help? I got my server image from the Ubuntu site and I thought it would have everything I needed on it.

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