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I've just loaded Ubuntu onto my laptop, it had windows XP or 7 before.. It stopped working so I decided to re-install the OS and I went for Ubuntu to give Linux a go and maybe learn about programming etc.

I have installed on the laptop stated the computer up works fine when asking me for the encryption password.. As soon as I'm on the desktop its VERY slow.. i.e. 3 minuets to open the home folder.. when I type letters don't appear and if they do its in a white box in the bottom right hand corner and not in the terminal or box..

the mouse only works with the bar on the left, it will not interact with any of the boxes opened in the desktop I have to left click on the bar and click quite to close the box.. I have tried to update the OS, but nothing happens..

When I go to computer the HD says unable to mount location & can't mount file..

Please, please can someone tell me what is going on?? I'm so confused, I now Linux is a bit harder to use than windows but this is unbelievable is there some sort of "access code" I have to enter to give me control of the desktop?

Laptop specification as read from about computer:

  • 3.9 GB Memory Ram
  • Dual core T4400 2.2GHz x2
  • OS type 32bit
  • Disk - 488 GB? - if it can't mount how does it know this?
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Have you try any of this askubuntu.com/questions/2194/… ? –  Braiam Sep 23 '13 at 23:11

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