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First of all, good day. I recently tried to install ubuntu on my netbook, because windows 7 was running slow. I completely wiped my hard drive, created a bootable usb stick, and installed ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop. Whenever i try to boot without my usb stick plugged in, it says something like "Select proper boot device, or insert proper boot device, and press any key" When I have my usb stick plugged in, it just boots from it. I am pretty much new to actually working with computers, I've been spoiled by using OS X for way to long. I am running an ASUS EeePc seashell (1015PE), with a dualcore AMD 1.65ghz and 4 gigs of ram. Any support will be greatly appreciated.

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Ubuntu is probably installed properly, but apparently something went wrong with the bootloader.

You can fix it by using a little tool called Boot Repair. Burn a live disc, insert it in your broken computer, fix the bootloader, and you're good to go!

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