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I just bought this PC: Sedatech PC Office and right away I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 with the Windows Installer.

Everything goes fine until the end of installation step 5. At that point the progress window disappears and nothing happens, nothing has been installed and all is almost exactly as it was just before double clicking on wubi.exe. I say "almost exactly" because in the partition where I ask Ubuntu to be installed (different than the Windows 7 partition) there is an ubuntu folder with a couple of files and folders, but nothing usable. Needless to say, there is no dual boot when I reboot.

I have repeated this again and again. Any ideas?

Thanks! Ant

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Any reason not to download the 13.04 CD and just install Ubuntu? – Braiam Sep 23 '13 at 14:48
Look at (or pastebin and post the link of) the log file from the %TEMP% directory. It will show more info about what went wrong. It's called wubi-12.10-revxxx.log. Note if Windows is installed in UEFI mode then Wubi won't work anyway, so you should do a normal dual boot. – bcbc Sep 23 '13 at 16:27

Almost all new computers ship configured to boot in EFI (aka UEFI) mode, and the WUBI tool you're trying to use is incompatible with an EFI-mode boot. Thus, my suspicion is that your attempt was doomed to fail, and you should instead try a more traditional dual-boot configuration.

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