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Will the Unity launcher in 10.10 UNE have gnome-do style keyboard shortcuts?

i.e. Super+Spacebar for quick search and application launch

If not, can it be customized to allow this?

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Edit: As of Ubuntu 11.04, this answer is wrong. See What are Unity's keyboard and mouse shortcuts? for a large number of keyboard shortcuts, including an Alt+F2 launcher.

As far as I'm aware this is currently not possible.

One of the requirements for switching to Unity on the desktop is that it needs accessibility work. A part of this work will be to ensure that Unity can be driven by the keyboard, so I would expect that this will be possible in the Ubuntu 11.04 release.

What I use for Do-style keyboard shortcuts in Unity is Do; it's a great complement to the Unity shell. The main problem is that Unity eats win keypresses, so the default Do shortcut is not available. It's easy to change the Do keybinding to something else, though.

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Yes, came to same conclusion it wasn't possible. Thankfully, 11.04 does now have this feature. – therigu May 22 '11 at 18:54

System>Preferences>Keyboard Shorcuts>Show the panel's "Run Application" dialog box

This launches gnome-keybinding-properties. From there you should be able to change the default, alt+f2 to alt+space.

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Thanks, but I believe the "Run Application" dialog is disabled with Unity (10.10 Netbook edition) - least alt + f2 seems to do nothing – therigu Sep 4 '10 at 15:04
Is your background set to a solid color? – aperson Sep 4 '10 at 21:59

Alt + F2 is not working 'cos is a function of gnome-panel, Unity uses is proper panel. Super enable numerical shortcuts to sidebar elements. That's all for now.

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Yes, but not out of the box. After upgrading to Ubuntu Netbook 10.10, install gnome-do and then modify its default shortcut key. The windows key is hijacked by Unity, so the default gnome-do run shortcut Win-Space won't work. Change it to something else like Alt-Space and you'll be good to go with a slick run dialog!

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You can, for now, bind the keyboard shortcut Alt+F2 to the command "unity --show" to bridge the period of no keyboard shortcuts being available. Far from ideal, but workable in the meantime.

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