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My hard drive crashed, so I'm using a Ubuntu live disk to access my files. But as I try to transfer them to my flash drive, it occasionally comes up with an error message which, when I view details, says:

Error splicing file: Input/output error.

How can I fix this?

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The problem is because your destination disk (the disk to which you want to copy the file) is formatted with FAT32 (which has a file size limit of about 4GB. The solution is to format your destination disk to EXT3, EXT4, or NTFS (if you need windows compatibility).

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I would say that since the hard disk is failing, there is no way to solve the error. Depending on what is wrong with the hard disk, you may be able to try copying a file several times and maybe eventually get it correct. It would be advisable to move as quickly as possible and make sure to get your most important files first, because your hard disk may be getting worse and worse.

Sorry for the bad prognosis.

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make sure your flash drive is in NTFS instead of FAT32.. then try copying the file over and over, as you can see an option asking if you want to replace the existing file on the flash drive saying "do you want to replace the existing file (e.g. pic001 size: 100KB) with (e.g. pic001 10.1MB)?" those two files are just the same but as you can see with a different file size . choose replace.. now go back to the folder of origin of those files now one by one determine their original file size and do the previous steps over and over again until those copied files have the file size the same as the original ones.. that worked for me well, it will take time though.. hope that helps

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