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Is there any alternative software to freeping in ubuntu?

FREEping automatically pings in the background and shows
statistics for each pinged hosts. When a host stops 
responding, FREEping can send popup messages to a 
specified destination. 

screenshot freeping

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You could write a shell script that pings the server. If you don't get a response, display a notification! :) –  omnidan Apr 13 '11 at 13:31
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Without parameter, a ping runs forever, but you can restrict it, to wait maximal 10 seconds and do just one ping this way:

ping -W10 -c1 askubuntu.com 

to suppress the output, and issue your warning

ping -W10 -c1 askubuntu.com || warning.sh

to handle a list of domains

urls=(abc.de xy.org jkl.net) 
for url in ${urls[@]} ; 
   ping -W10 -c1 $url || warning.sh
   sleep 10

To pop up a warning, you need to either start the script by hand, or do some gymnastics with crontab - common errors there: call programs without path. Using x11-programs without specifying the DISPLAY.

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