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I chose to install xubuntu with windows, using the link. My operating System, is Windows XP Professional, 32 bit. Everything worked fine, until the file coping step, during installation. It stopped after copying about 60% in the boot section. The HD space is not a problem, as it has still plenty left.

Did anybody experienced a similar malfunction? Any solutions? If I´m copying this xubuntu 12.04 on a bootable USB-stick and install it in a separate partition, would this work? Or would it be better to get another download.

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Create a bootable USB, and install along side windows. See Here – Mitch Sep 22 '13 at 10:00

Check for the corruption of downloaded Ubuntu Installation Media (iso file).
Verify the md5sum of the xubuntu 12.04 iso file with the checksum given on the website (from where you have downloaded the iso.
You can use this utility(for windows)‎

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If you plan to use USB (which I recomend) then take this tool: unetbootin. It is known application for making bootable flash drives. All instructions can be found on their site. Also make sure to download Ubuntu from torrents, in my experience you'll get .iso image with less corrumptions.

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