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This is a followup question to Tried installing Nvidia Driver, now can't do much of anything

After again trying to install the video driver and failing, I'm here to ask for help installing a graphics driver to get ubuntu working again.

I originally did this because I webGL was not supported on my current driver. And I figured while I'm at it I'll install it onto my other distro on the same machine. It worked fine but when I turned back to my Ubuntu install, the install failed and I was forced to uninstall. Now that I've uninstalled I cannot properly boot into th graphical desktop. I've got cinnamon installed along with unity. When booting into cinnamon the desktop stays black and is unusable. When I start unity I can see my desktop and start a terminal with CTRL - ALT - T but see no launcher, and no menu bars. So I tried the steps at Missing launcher after 12.04 upgrade to no avail. Using ccsm to try and turn on the Unity Desktop Environment I find that I can't enable openGL and therefore cant enable Unity. I'd be happy to provide more relevant information, I'm just not sure what to list. I'd be happiest if there was a known problem with Ubuntu 13.04 that had a fix for the NVidia Driver and my Quadro FX 880m card, like I said, it installed fine on another debian based distro.

Thank you.

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I've finally resolved this issue, with the steps at askubuntu.com/questions/232625/nvidia-driver-installation-error, unfortunately, I'm back at my original problem.... "Either your graphics card or your browser does not support WebGL. Try Google Chrome or view a list of WebGL compatible browsers." –  user1450120 Sep 22 '13 at 20:37
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