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Hi My Pc had only VGA output so I bought this card to run my PC from HDMI port. Installed card: switched on PC.

Ubuntu started. changed monitor settings to hdmi, connected cable but black screen.

The vga port on the card must have worked at this stage to boot ubuntu and allow me access to change the monitor settings

Removed the hdmi cable switched the cables back to vga. Black screen saying no HDMI connection. Could not even bring up monitor menu to change settings back to VGA. The monitor then shut down completely as if it had no power.Would not restart.

Reinstalled old card. nvidia quantro nvs 290. all ok. HDMI on monitor works find with laptop as well.

The graphic card just slotted into the pci port. Should there be any additional connections.??? Does Hdmi have to be enabled in some way.

If this is a driver problem how can it be sorted without a monitor??? Should I have purged the existing drivers before installation.?? I think there must be a set method/order to adhere to.??? Please help. Thanks.

Sorry im such a dumbo in these matters. Just worried about killing my new monitor or/and the PC.

Been trying for hours but as drivers came with the card I will try again tomorrow on windows 7 and report back.

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