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In Ubuntu is it possible to check for an application/process activity ? I want information like

  • When the application/process started
  • what files has been accessed by the application/process
  • what I/O operations it have performed
  • If application/process connected to Internet , with what IP's its communicated.
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there is a tool named as Health check tool.

Health-check can monitor:

  • CPU utilisation
  • Wakeup events
  • Context Switches
  • File I/O operations (Open/Read/Write/Close using fnotify)
  • System calls (using ptrace)
  • Analysis of polling system calls
  • Memory utilisation (including memory growth)
  • Network connections
  • Wakelock activity

To install it open your terminal and type as

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colin-king/white
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install health-check 

For information of what It can do please click here

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