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I had Ubuntu 13.04 installed (dual boot with windows 8) and wanted to downgrade to 12.04. I rebooted from cd and installed Ubuntu 12.04. I couldn't install grub normally on 12.04, so I deleted the partition's content on windows 8. When I rebooted my computer, grub rescue presented me with an error: no such partition.Any commands I try to put in seem to be unknown. How do I get back into my Windows 8 installation or my Boot Menu?

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[SOLVED] Simply press f9 as you start you pc, it should go to a boot menu. There either choose CD driver or whatever you have ubuntu on, and it goes autommatically to the'Try Ubuntu option', from there just reinstall ubuntu and grub and it should be ok. –  Rafael Sep 21 '13 at 16:22
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