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I am running Ubuntu 13.04 and downloaded the kxstudio repositories in order to install some audio plugins for Ardour 3.4. However, after I installed the kxstudio desktop by error there hasn't been any sound coming out of my speakers, the mute button in the audio menu is gone and there are no sound cards to "play sound through" under audio settings. Right now there is nothing on the sound-front that is actually working. What can I do about this?

Also why do I need to select "Ubuntu" from a menu every time I boot my system? the other options are memorytest-something1 and memorytest-something2

Lastly I've had some trouble with JACK... before the KXStudio incident it worked fine when running Ardour, but when I quit it still seemed to be using the sound card so I couldn't use youtube or any other soundrelated software (except Ardour of course).

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