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I have Installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my pre-installed Windows8 sony laptop with HDD of 500Gb.

There are a few partitions present by default like recovery ,etc.

I have created a few other partitions of 200 GB and 100 GB on /dev/sda7 and /dev/sda8 respectively. My Windows 8 is installed on /dev/sda5 while I have installed Ubuntu on /dev/sda11 with swap on /dev/sda12.

Now, I want to shrink my Windows 8 drive which is 109 GB and extend the Ubuntu partition of 15 GB by using the unallocated space from the earlier drive.

I tried using GParted via LiveUSB and performing the SWAP-OFF but I was unsuccessful.

Please suggest me a way ASAP.


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possible duplicate of How can I increase a partition's size? – minerz029 Nov 29 '13 at 22:59

I think you should better be careful about the following:

  1. If you really need to shrink the Windows (7/8) operating system partition, try and do this operation using its own Disk Management Tool in order to avoid Windows booting problems.
  2. It seems you have a number of (max. 4) Primary Partitions, at least 1 of which is an Extended Partition, which in turn includes any number of Logical Partitions, and this makes the things a little more complicated if any one of the partitions you want to shrink/expand is inside such an Extended Partition while the other is outside. In such a case, you should carefully look at the order of partitions in GParted to make sure that you create the Unallocated Space at the correct end and then and move it at the correct direction so that you can follow the correct route to get into and out of the Extended Partition and then to join with the other (Primary) partition or vice versa.
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