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I keep getting warnings that my /boot is out of space. I cleared it out once, but it filled right back up. Do I even need to clear this out? Is it slowing down my computer? How do I deal with it?

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Do I even need to clear this out?

Manually, do NOT touch anything in the /boot partition by hand. I believe that you are getting an error when upgrading. This happens because you assigned a small space for the boot partition or you have UEFI and forgot to increment the space. Either way, the best solution is reading the entire error and asking about it.

Is it slowing down my computer?


How do I deal with it?

Depends upon the error received, but either use a Live System to enlarge the /boot partition using Gparted or remove old kernels in your /boot partition.

None of these operations should be done by hand, but with tools meant for such purposes.

You can read the methods to do this here.

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