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In my university I have one Wi-Fi Network. If I need to access the Internet I access it with PEAP-authentication. Now the issue - all WiFi-Spots have the same name (SSID: WLAN1) and Ubuntu sometimes refuses to connect. What I saw is, that in syslog wpa_(dontknowanymore) says trying to connect with (MAC1) and the WiFi is associated with another MAC. How can I fix this, so I can force my Ubuntu to reassociate? Regards,

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you could try:

sudo iwlist

to bring up a list of wifi points with their respective AP MAC addresses

then find the one with the best signal quality, and manually configure what network to connect to using:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid essidnamehere
sudo iwconfig wlan0 ap MACaddresshere

and to finish off,:

sudo dhclient wlan0

I had the same issue before, and doing the above seemed to help me stay connected when I found a new spot to work. The issue got fixed for me though through one of the recent updates on natty.

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